Love At Any Age!

I had the privilege to witness a wedding ceremony of a wonderful senior couple a few days ago. The wedding took place in a beautiful chapel in Orange Park, Florida. The bride wore a simple elegant sage chiffon gown with a pearl drop necklace adorn with nosegay bouquet. One thought came to mind as I stood up to watch the Bride walk down the aisle to the ever adorning Groom; we can find Love at any age! There is no limit to how many times a person finds love. Both had been previously married and loss their spouses but were determined to love again. Love is one of the greatest gifts we have to share.

I was delighted by the fact this couple choose to have a wedding with no less than 200 of their closest friends with all the hoopla of any wedding with brides and grooms half their ages. It was a truly wonderful Celebration of Love.

Love provides us an energy to survive any obstacle in life. When you know you are loved, it provides an inner warmth during the coldest of days. Having your “ride or die” next to you, the world becomes a place where we can conquer our insecurities as we walk to the person who loves us the most. There is no age in finding love.

Regardless, in celebrating love & life, age should not limit how we chose to share it. We should have cake, champagne, and a beautiful Gown for it all!! For any Bride to be; Gown and Garter boutique has got you covered!