The Wedding Dress Sets the Tone!

My assistant became engaged a few days ago and immediately conversation focused on the Wedding Dress! My first question,” What is your vision of yourself on that day?” And my next question, “What dress silhouette do you favor? As we search through the wedding gown designers websites Gown and Garter boutique offers, she said the words that made my ears hurt…”I’ll just pick the venue then I will decide on the type of gown I will wear!” Those words were like nails scratching a black board. The mortified look on my face and the pursing of my lips should have given her the clue I was very displeased with her statement. Before I knew it I found the words coming out of my mouth, “No ma’am, The Dress dictates it all!” The day is about you and your groom but the event is about the Wedding Gown or Gowns, if you decide to wear two.”
The Dress sets the tone for the entire wedding event. Don’t get me wrong; there are certain wedding gowns that are more practical for venues such as the beach or rustic woodsy wedding but please do not limit yourself. It’s your day and all about what you want to wear and how what you are wearing makes you feel! Yes, it is also about the groom but the overall meaning of the day is how you & your groom have chosen to honor your love; let’s not forget that!
There is a lot of stress when it comes Wedding Gown shopping and my best advice is to shop with an open mind. Especially those of us blessed with curves. Don’t be afraid to try mermaid or those silhouettes that accentuate your curves. A-line silhouettes are fashionable and are a good alternative option for any body type.
Wedding Gown designers are now providing an array of styles, colors and custom unique looks! Celebrate your day in any way you choose and in the wedding gown of your choice. If you can’t choose one gown then buy two; wear the second gown at the reception. Please allow Gown and Garter boutique to assist you in your wedding gown selection, shapewear and lingerie needs for your day. We’ve got you covered!

The Beginning of the Dream……

The Beginning of the Dream……

From the moment a girl is asked to go to “Prom” and the amazing second the ring appears and is gently place on that ever so important finger…It’s on! The search for the perfect Dress must commence. It’s the beginning of the dream; those ever so important moments in time a Dress will make us feel special and beautiful. It’s absolutely all about the Dress! The search for the dress becomes all-consuming hope for perfection. The image, thoughts and emotions are vivid as you are awaken to find the Dress to capture these all important moments.

This is how I feel about Gown and Garter … this store…this blog…it’s the beginning my Dream. The vision is clear and Gown and Garter’s ultimate goal is to assist you in experiencing the amazing second you find the dress.

Let’s share our dreams together!

Pamela –owner
Gown and Garter