From the moment a girl is asked to go to “Prom” and the amazing second the ring appears and is gently place on that ever so important finger…It’s on! The search for the perfect Dress must commence. It’s the beginning of the dream; those ever so important moments in time a Dress will make us feel special and beautiful. It’s absolutely all about the Dress! The search for the dress becomes all-consuming hope for perfection. The image, thoughts and emotions are vivid as you are awaken to find the Dress to capture these all important moments.

This is how I feel about Gown and Garter … this store…this blog…it’s the beginning my Dream. The vision is clear and Gown and Garter’s ultimate goal is to assist you in experiencing the amazing second you find the dress.

Let’s share our dreams together!

Pamela –owner
Gown and Garter