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The Wedding Dress Sets the Tone!

My assistant became engaged a few days ago and immediately conversation focused on the Wedding Dress! My first question,” What is your vision of yourself on that day?” And my next question, “What dress silhouette do you favor? As we search through the wedding gown...

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Love At Any Age!

I had the privilege to witness a wedding ceremony of a wonderful senior couple a few days ago. The wedding took place in a beautiful chapel in Orange Park, Florida. The bride wore a simple elegant sage chiffon gown with a pearl drop necklace adorn with nosegay...

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The Beginning of the Dream……

From the moment a girl is asked to go to “Prom” and the amazing second the ring appears and is gently place on that ever so important finger…It’s on! The search for the perfect Dress must commence. It’s the beginning of the dream; those ever so important moments in...

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